Information for Importers

This page must be read in conjunction with the New Zealand Transport Agency's website as regulations unfortunately do change from time to itme, but was correct as at the start of 2013.

If you are thinking about importing a vehicle into New Zealand there are some very important regulations to be aware of.

Except as listed below, any vehicle must meet the current NZ standard for Frontal Impact and Emissions. Effective 2012 this means you must be able to prove your vehicle meets the equivalent of the EURO4 emission standard for petrol or diesel powered vehicles.There are exemptions available for Immigrant's Vehicles, Special Interest Vehicles (collector's vehicles), and Left Hand Drive Special Interest Vehicles.

As of 1st January 2013 vehicles older than 20 years are exempt from frontal impact and emissions regulations, so if you wish to import an older classic vehicle there are now less regulations blocking this. This also exemption also includes left hand drive vehicles.

Below is some basic information for importing from Japan, the UK, or Australia, as well as information on the requirements for a vehicle to be approved as an Immigrant's or Special Interest Vehicle. All information is subject to change and should be confirmed with the New Zealand Transport Agency.

From Japan: Must meet the 2005 Japanese standard. Many vehicles from Japan registered new in late 2004 onwards will meet this standard. You can check this on the Japanese Export Certificate by looking at the Model code - if it has a 3 digit prefix (eg CBA-...) it should meet the standard. This model code is often also on the vehicle build plate for Japanese manufactured vehicles. There a small number of european vehicles that have a 2 digit emission code that may comply with the EURO4 standard.

Ownership can be proved by providing the original Export Certificate.

From the UK: Must meet EURO4 standard. Vehicles first registered new in the UK from 1st Ocotober 2007 in most cases are deemed to comply. Other vehicles registered prior to this date may also comply - We may be able to confirm this for you with a copy of the UK V5 registration papers.

You will need to provide both the original V5 registration document and a receipt (proof of purchase) to prove ownership.

Commercial vehicles (including utes) will normally need a Statement of Compliance.

From Australia: Petrol powered vehicles must have an ADR plate dated July 2010 or later, diesel vehicles must have an ADR plate dated January 2007 or later. Again some earlier vehicles may comply.

You will need to provide both an original registration document (renewal notice is fine) and a receipt (proof of purchase) to prove ownership.

From other countries: You may require a Statement of Compliance or Certificate of Conformity from the Manufacturer. You will require the original ownership papers and proof of purchase.

Immigrant's Vehicle:This allows NZ residents/citizens immigrating/returning to NZ to import one personal vehicle even if it does not meet the relevant standards for emissions or frontal impact. It must still meet all other regulations. There are restrictions - essentially you must have personally owned the vehicle for at least a year, and been away from NZ for at least 21 months. You cannot import a left hand drive vehicle under this catergory of exemption (see Special Interest Vehicle below).

For complete details please refer to the official NZTA website

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this process.

Special Interest Vehicle (including LHD): This allows you to import a collectable vehicle that would otherwise not meet NZ frontal impact and emissions regulations. Examples of vehicles we have processed for customers are the GT-R Skyline, Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche, and 2 models of TVR. Essentially you must be able meet 3 of the following 4 requirements:

- The model was manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less

- Manufactured as a two door coupe or convertible

- Manufactured as a high performance vehicle

- Identified as a collector's item by one of a prescribed list of motoring publications.

You will have to register the vehicle in your name and cannot transfer ownership for 4 years.

See the offical NZTA website for more information

or this page for Left Hand Drive vehicles

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